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Why is Dell dominating the global server market?

By Ron Onur Aksoy

It’s no surprise that Dell is a dominant force within the server space. Anyone who works in IT will tell you that you can’t look in any direction without seeing a Dell ad, let alone a Dell server sitting in a rack in the majority of US data centers. In fact, to date Dell has captured more than 20% of global market share. So the question becomes, why? 

When it comes to analyzing global brand market penetration, it’s not as easy as pointing to one single attribute that stands out. The factors are almost endless, and a perfect storm of calculated risk paired with good product design, well thought out logistics, and a keen marketing sense are just the tip of that proverbial iceberg.

But in the past few years, Dell has been proving that it can dominate the market. And though Hewlett-Packard remains in the #1 spot globally as it pertains to server sales, Dell is a very close #2 and seems to be rising daily.  

The first, and probably the best thing to look at when comparing hardware is, well, the actual hardware. As much as we can all sit and pontificate about business prowess and market penetration efforts, at the end of the day the real question is: What hardware performs better?

In a side-by-side shootout with comparable units, Dell has proven that it is able to complete TPC-H-like workloads quicker than its equivalent HP counterpart. Furthermore, Dell has also proven that its efficiency is 20% higher than HP—the performance speaking for itself. 

So, with the hardware out of the way, what’s next in the shootout game? As a company that offers IT Hardware and Support services, let me be the first to say that warranty is at the top of every IT professionals’ list. In fact, warranty is one of those things that can make or break a deal when choosing equipment—based on everything from cost to brand reliability and how that calculates to decreased downtime.  

Now, when it comes to Dell versus HP, both companies are more than respectable when looking at support and warranties. In fact, as the two largest server companies in the world, they are both well above par. However, in the case of Dell, it does have one thing going for it when it comes to the deciding factor: choice.

Dell’s warranty and support has a multitude of options that can be added on at one’s own discretion; in essence, making every purchase highly customizable. Pair that with a far more simplified access to warranty and support information and Dell again takes the lead over a sometimes cumbersome HP.

And finally there is price. With all these comparisons it seems that price may or may not even be a factor. Both companies fall within an acceptable variance of one another, making it more often about brand choice and the above mentioned benefits.  

So, what’s the verdict? Yes, Dell can be faster and have better warranty options, those are definite benefits. But, more importantly, like any IT project, it comes down to need and best fit. My advice is talk to the experts. Choosing the right tool for the job is always far more important than anything else. Our team continuously helps thousands of companies determine the best fit for all types of IT needs. Give us a call, I guarantee we can help.