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Welcome to the advantages of bare-metal server virtualization

It’s no surprise that job-function-specific technology—especially in the hardware space—is experiencing an exponential rise. In the world of GPU/CPU technology, I’m seeing vast increases month over month. But why is that?

Firstly, there is the ever-present “need for speed” (sorry for the Top Gun quote). Whether it’s extreme graphics development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and so on—all these types of computing tasks take power, and lots of it. More so, the speed equation is not just about satisfying a general level of impatience. Speed directly relates to the bottom line. The faster a job can be completed, the more jobs that can be achieved—resulting in increased revenue. In short, time truly is money.

This evolving business ecosystem brings us to server virtualization—more notably, bare-metal server virtualization. As we all know, virtualization is a highly mature technology unto itself. As such, it’s also highly reliable and therefore a perfectly reasonable option within an IT infrastructure space.

Virtual Machines (VMs) provide two things. First, they provide isolation. Why is this important? To over-simplify, they don’t steal from each other. With VMs being isolated, their usage is never disrupted by the one next to it. This direct quote from TechTarget summarizes it perfectly:

“A single VM can neither directly share data with nor disrupt the operation of other VMs nor access the memory content or traffic of other VMs. In addition, a fault or failure in one VM does not disrupt the operation of other VMs.”

So why virtualization with bare-metal servers? For the same reason as described above. Think of the environment much like a shell game. The ball under the shell can be moved around without disrupting the game. More so, it’s a part of the game. In the case of real-world applications of bare-metal VMs, the ease of migration is paramount. Users can quickly move VM operations to any system—never interrupting the function of that VM.

Going back to what I mentioned above—time equaling money—disruption and downtime are never options. Maintenance and scheduled downtime become far more manageable by continually balancing any and all workloads. Hence the need and desire of bare-metal virtualization—no disruption, no lost time, and no lost profits.

And lastly, being able to migrate in a live, real-time manner means eliminating the otherwise tedious task of reinstalling applications, software, processes, and data. Again, time is money.

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