Onsite IT Network
Service & Support

Onsite IT Network

Service & Support

Onsite IT Network Service and Support with parts and technicians
within 50 miles of your company regardless of your geographic


Customized IT Network
Support Solutions


Choose the service level coverage that is perfect for you.

Procore ProEnhanced ProCritical
Advanced Help Desk 24x7x365  Advanced Help Desk 24x7x365   Advanced Help Desk 24x7x365
 Onsite Service None     Onsite Service None  Onsite Service 4 hour response / 24x7x365
 Parts Logistics Next Business Day    Parts Logistics Next Business Day  Parts Logistics 4 Hour response 24x7x365


In fact, your IT Network Support should increase productivity, reduce time spent on project cycles, and
decrease your cost of doing business.

The New View of IT Network Support

With our customized support and maintenance program, you’ll decrease the cost of doing business
and increase productivity as you won’t have to wait for equipment replacement or for technicians
coming from a great distance—they will always be within 50 miles, and they will always respond
immediately after receiving the ticket.

Your Dedicated Account Manager

Our IT Network Support Solution includes a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will
provide you with streamlined access to the support you need to solve technical issues quickly and
efficiently. A dedicated TAM means you’ll always have access to someone with in-depth knowledge
of your IT environment, and familiarity with your service history—saving you time and the headaches
associated with impersonal call centers.

Always Close to Home

With our IT Network Onsite Service and Support, you get a customized support package that
includes technicians and parts stocked within 50 miles of your company—regardless of your
geographical location.
Our response times are faster than either in-house support or the equipment manufacturer’s
support program.

Just a Phone Call Away

Our engineers answer the phone on the first call. You won’t be talking to an answering service, you
won’t be handed off to someone, and you won’t have to wait hours or perhaps days for help. Our
engineer troubleshoots your problem while you are on the phone.

Cisco Network

Operating Systems Support Options

On-Site Engineer
24×7 TAC Support
Hardware Respalcement
Bug Fixes / Patches
OS Updates
OS Upgrades

Customized IT
Support Solutions

 Customized IT Network Support Solutions that enable you to keep
your IT environment stable and running 24/7/365.

Choose the service level coverage that is perfect for you.

Help desk Coverage  Onsite Service Coverage  Parts Logıstics Coverage

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Next Business Day 

  24x7x365 – 4- hour response
 All Pro Network Solutions include 24/7365 HelpDesk Coverage 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Same Business Day   24x7x365 – 4- hour response
     24/7/365 – 4 hour response   24x7x365 – 4- hour response

 Your IT Network Support Should Always Suit Your Needs

Our Customized IT Network Support Solutions are built for you—enabling you to keep your
IT environment stable and running 24/7/365.

Tailored Just for You

Is your IT Network Support Solution tailored specifically to your needs and budget? At Pro Network
we understand that your business must have a specific budget in place for support and maintenance
of your IT networking infrastructure. The best way to reduce your budget expenditure is to avoid
buying new equipment. And you can do that by maintaining your existing equipment, which is easy
with the right IT network support provider.

IT Budgets Shouldn’t Shock You

Perhaps you think that a support program is out of your reach, but because we’re so affordable you’ll
be able to get the support you need, when you need it. Rather than go with a manufacturer’s
maintenance program, go with a Pro Network program—it’s equal to or better than half the cost.
When you reduce your IT budget for support and maintenance by 50% or more, you have valuable
dollars you can allocate for use elsewhere.

Your Choice. Every Time.

With Pro Network IT Support Solutions, you’ll have unsurpassed help desk and onsite network
maintenance agreements to cover all your technology needs. You can choose coverage hours and
response times, ranging from the next business day to 24×7, you’ll have access to our network of
experienced technical personnel, and you’ll save time and money with an IT support solution that fits
your needs and schedule.