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Maximize investment in technology through a partnership with a third-party maintenance provider

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Today, IT executives do not hesitate to move from original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) service contracts to third-party hardware maintenance and support providers.

Many reasons exist why this is the case. With the incredible technology changes continually underway, options have increased within the dedicated maintenance and support market. Not only that, but these options have been refined and third-party service providers can now provide the support required at a much lower cost: third-party support can be up to 60% less costly than traditional OEM extended warranties—making it much easier to maintain critical IT hardware over a longer period of time.

Third-party maintenance contracts offer customers an average of 60 percent savings off of OEM support list prices. However, depending on the equipment type, location and product density, Gartner has seen that range of savings with third-party maintenance contracts at 50 percent off OEM list up to 95 percent off OEM list (Gartner, 2018).

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We promise a lifetime of great customer service and superior products and solutions that cut costs and increase value.

As a customer-focused supplier of network equipment, we take pride in delivering not just high-quality products and services, but also the IT equipment that is compatible with your other systems. We assess your business requirements, the overall needs of your operations, and then we leverage our proprietary software, partners, and certified compliance policies—all designed so that the equipment fits your requirements and your budget.

Our assessment process includes identifying what you need through internal focus groups and one-on-one meetings with you. We invite you to collaborate with us to fine-tune what is required to meet your business goals and budget. We also collect feedback to ensure our service has fully met your expectations and to establish communications with your dedicated account manager, if required.

At the end of the day, for us it’s all about our customers. Just tell us what you need and what your goals are, and we promise to do our best to fulfill all your requirements.

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