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IT Asset Recovery

Professional Services

IT Asset Recovery

Your costs will be offset through remarketing and recycling and through the redeployment of assets.

Certification + Compliance

Eliminate data security risks and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Through compliance with ISO 9001:2015, we ensure we deliver consistent, high-quality products and services to our clients; and through compliance with ISO 14001:2004, we fulfill the Environmental Management Systems requirements.

Optimize the value of IT assets

An in-depth understanding of the IT asset ensures a revenue source rather than a revenue loss.

We follow the Department of Defense standards for the proper destruction of sensitive data, and our Data Wipe and Destruction Services include wiping and sanitizing hard drives, thumb drives and most data devices, removing the data and then reselling the product. You receive a report that certifies 100 percent erasure and destruction of data on any IT assets we process at our facilities.

 Our Asset Recovery Management Services include asset refreshes, end-of-lease returns, equipment retirement plans, and equipment re-use and inventory management programs.