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Professional IT Services

Optimize your IT infrastructure investment with our team of certified engineers from Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, HP.


Consult with our Experts

Dedicated Account Managers and Infrastructure Engineers.

To meet your business objectives, you need to understand where you are and where you need to be at the end of a project. When you consult with Pro Network managers and engineers, you benefit not only from their years of experience with clients worldwide, but also from Pro Network’s years of experience managing IT projects from small installations to large datacenter infrastructure build-outs.

Professional Services

IT Infrastructure Architecture & Design

Delivers manageability, reliability, and security.

With our Architecture and Design Services, you will acquire a cost-effective and scalable infrastructure—one that will meet your business needs now and in the future. Our architects and designers will work closely with you to customize the network and data infrastructure to your specific needs, and to ensure a manageable, reliable, and secure network—one with built-in redundancies and a business continuity plan.

Our process covers you from the initial consultation when we define your business goals and gather data on your network’s configuration and performance, to defining the infrastructure architecture solution, assessing the network, then making recommendations on implementation. Once we have the design and a plan we execute deployment.

We ensure you have the education and documentation you require, continually monitoring to ensure a successful implementation—one that meets all your business goals.

Professional Services

IT Infrastructure Implementation

Reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

Our Implementation Services deliver cost-effective and scalable network and data infrastructures. Our infrastructure engineers design and deploy highly complex networks and servers, delivering on time and within budget. We have the expertise and experience to implement networks from simple to complex in a wide range of environments.

Our Network Implementation Process includes:

  • Identifying applications and defining business goals
  • Defining bandwidth
  • Determining network availability, accessibility, and uptime
  • Defining and implementing network security where required
  • Reviewing capacity planning and scalability requirements
  • Preparing the site
  • Cabling
  • Software
  • Custom Servers
  • Optimizing the network
  • Installing and configuring the system
  • Providing end-to-end service testing
  • De-installing the equipment

Professional Services

IT Migration

Minimize disruption and avoid delays and downtime.

Migrations can be challenging with lengthy delays and threats of downtime. With our Migration Services, you will have a headache-free process: our dedicated engineers help you to maintain data protection, business uptime, and service availability.

In our always-connected world, everyone expects everything to be fully operational 24/7/365. Consequently, we focus on mitigating risk of protracted downtime due to migrations. So, whether it’s a new location or a new platform, our focus is on business agility and productivity—these are the foundation of our risk-averse migration strategy. Our experts can help you make the right decisions, implement the right technology, and follow all the right steps to make any migration streamlined and successful.

We can help you address all aspects of data center migration:

  • Risk against service loss
  • Data challenges including corruption or loss
  • Business continuity
  • Technical issues including compatibility
  • Continued compliance
  • Custom servers

The benefits of our Migration Services are many:

  • A dedicated and experienced team delivers end-to-end migration and consolidation services
  • Streamlined migration results in faster utilization of new infrastructure and technology, reduced risk and decreased impact on the organization
  • An in-depth analysis of the environment includes mapping application dependency
  • Third-party supplier saves the company money due to reduced hiring and maintaining in-house expertise

Professional Services

IT Business Continuity

Downtime is not an option.

Most companies at one time or another have experienced unscheduled downtime. Depending on its severity, downtime can have a huge impact on your organization: brand damage, customer dissatisfaction, financial losses, to name just a few. Pro Network designs and implements business continuity plans that not only enable you to remain resilient, but also to recover quickly through any business outage.

Our Business Continuity Services include professionals ranging in expertise from IT security specialists, data center migration experts, to data backup and recovery professionals, and more—all available to help you avoid any business outage. This is especially critical if your network is a single point of failure. If it is, imagine the impact downtime would have on your business.

We can deliver continuity on all levels from communications with 99.99% availability, to network multi-carrier redundancy, to securely protecting your systems from cybercrime and maintaining the privacy of your clients and employees.

Professional Services

IT Network Configuration

Get right to work.

Your understanding of your IT environment and our knowledge and expertise together ensure a successful deployment.

With our Configuration Services you will save time, minimize risk, and enable your team to focus on their other high-priority tasks and projects—they will be able to get to work quickly with a fast and efficient deployment. Our process streamlines configuration while our engineers work with you to identify addressing, protocols, site locations, formats, and special applications.

Our comprehensive Configuration Process includes:


  • Performing system code installations and upgrades
  • Software
  • Testing hardware/module functionality and software recognition
  • Applying power for a minimum of eight hours to eliminate marginal hardware
  • Designing the configuration to your requirements and specifications
  • Loading your configuration into the equipment and then saving to configuration memory
  • Installing and testing the network configuration

Professional Services

IT Asset Recovery Management Services

Your costs will be offset through remarketing and recycling and through the redeployment of assets.

Certification + Compliance

Eliminate data security risks and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Through compliance with ISO 9001:2015, we ensure we deliver consistent, high-quality products and services to our clients; and through compliance with ISO 14001:2004, we fulfill the Environmental Management Systems requirements.

Optimize the value of IT assets

An in-depth understanding of the IT asset ensures a revenue source rather than a revenue loss.

We follow the Department of Defense standards for the proper destruction of sensitive data, and our Data Wipe and Destruction Services include wiping and sanitizing hard drives, thumb drives and most data devices, removing the data and then reselling the product. You receive a report that certifies 100 percent erasure and destruction of data on any IT assets we process at our facilities.

 Our Asset Recovery Management Services include asset refreshes, end-of-lease returns, equipment retirement plans, and equipment re-use and inventory management programs.

Professional Services

IT Network Security

Maximum security measures to keep your company safe from cybercrime.

Today, your company is facing greater threats to its security than ever before: spam, phishing, viruses, malware and a multitude of malicious hackers. To protect your organization, we provide comprehensive IT Network Security Services and a team of experts who are dedicated to fighting cybercrime and who are focused on protecting your clients’ data and privacy.

To enable effective security measures our engineers are vendor-agnostic, meaning that we can work in many environments and that we can build solutions based solely on your business objectives and desired outcomes.

Our Network Security Process includes:

  • Assessment of network vulnerabilities with existing hardware and software
  • Recommendations on firewall solutions for existing network infrastructure
  • Configuring and deploying a firewall for new and existing networks
  • Secured firewall and security system to protect network from unauthorized access
  • Continuously updated managed anti-virus and malware protection
  • Real-time 24/7 system and network monitoring to eliminate threats before they affect the company
  • Spam filtering to block and quarantine suspicious emails that might contain viruses or malware
  • Mobile device protection to access business data without compromising security on smartphones and tablets
  • Web-content filtering to prevent employees from browsing inappropriate and unsecured websites

We ensure that we deliver the most effective solution by undertaking in-depth compliance, governance, and security analyses. With our Network Security Services, we can deliver the security you need to protect your organization from cybercrime and to be in full compliance with all required industry rules and regulations.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Big Brands + Best Service

Our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience extends to the brands we offer.

Our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience extends to the brands we offer.
We work only with the top brands in the network hardware industry, building relationships with our partners to ensure we provide high-quality, genuine products. Our brands include:


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