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Though I never like to admit that I am aging, the terms that I see in my chosen profession sometimes make me feel ancient. The term “Business Recovery” is one of those terms—and here’s why. Decades ago, Business Recovery was a term that meant far more than a sum of its parts.

Without an evolving business continuity plan (BCP), you’re operating without a safety net. With your organization facing emerging digital technologies, a continuing volatile global environment, and escalating and evolving cyberthreats, a BCP is critical to the safety and security of your business. This is reinforced by a recent report that highlighted these future challenges: increase […]

While digital transformation continues to drive the need for newer, more sophisticated business infrastructure and processes, the last thing any business environment needs is a low-functioning server. So what are your options for servers today? In this introductory guide, you will learn about: The differences between CPUs and GPUs—essentially, the brains and brawn that power […]

Though many people may never think of the impact that certain types of IT infrastructure have on our collective daily lives, it influences almost everything we do. Moreover, as companies continue to fight for dominance within their respective markets—that is, keeping people’s attention through innovation—the backbones that foster market share are at the epicenter of […]

With more than 14,000 organizations across 48 countries counting on us, there’s no doubt Pro Network helps customers succeed by driving innovation through leading-edge IT hardware and cloud solutions. As we approach celebrating a decade in business and round the corner into 2022, we have decided to evolve our brand. With great excitement and pride, […]

It’s said that those without a plan can plan to fail. Unfortunately, that is the exact challenge businesses face when it comes to cloud infrastructure, as we head toward 2022. The stark reality is that the cloud continues to dominate the ecosphere of business connectivity. Set aside for a moment the massive impact of the […]

As of November 2021, the world seems to be split into two very distinct factions—those who believe that the traditional office world has forever changed, and those who are pushing to get back to a pre-2020 normalcy. So what’s the outcome going to be? Well, not to be the bearer of bad news for an […]

As the bright light at the end of a very long COVID tunnel begins to emerge, people in many parts of the world are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief—hoping that most aspects of normality are just around the corner, and we can all collectively put a rough 20+ months behind us. The unfortunate […]