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IT Asset Recovery

Protect your investment and your network’s longevity with Pro Network’s experienced team of asset recovery specialists.

Asset Recovery

Maximize your IT Assets

Optimize your IT assets with our safe and secure IT Asset Recovery service.

Our asset recovery team understands the complexity of moving your network equipment and wireless systems through the lifecycle of acquisition, maintenance, and transition. We take responsibility for handling all the logistics, focusing on enhancing the value of your current assets and on transforming your network infrastructure to ensure you achieve the best possible return.

Asset Recovery

Streamlined Support Services

Finding third-party network hardware support that includes a customized maintenance plan for all your requirements and offers warranty options poses a challenge.

When you don’t have a maintenance plan in place, you could face unnecessary downtime, which is expensive. Furthermore, you’re probably paying for OEM support as well as carrying legacy, end-of-life (EOL), and end-of-service (EOS) products—no longer supported by the OEM. It gets increasingly expensive. We offer genuine, ISO quality and process-certified OEM new and pre-owned network equipment from leading manufacturers, a 30-day refund policy, and a one-year warranty on new hardware.

  • Warranty Coverage
  • Maintaining Key Assets
  • Decommissioning Assets
  • Environmental Disposal
  • Returns
  • Repairs
  • Replacements Partial and Full

IT Asset Recovery

IT Asset Tracking and IT Lifecycle Management

Safeguard your network through a partnership with Pro Network. You’ll maximize the value of your network assets and you’ll generate revenue.

No two companies are alike, so we customize our networking and wireless solutions to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients. We are passionate about creating the right solution—one that combines financial responsibility and technological efficiency. This combination maximizes the lifecycle of your communication devices.

IT Asset Recovery

Take care of your IT Assets

We are not limited by the equipment manufacturer or branding, and we are not constrained by the restrictions of an OEM.

We leverage all the tools at our disposal to extend the lifecycle of all our networking and wireless components. When they reach end-of-use we will work with you to decide on options that minimize your carbon footprint while maximizing your return on investment through disposal of assets, a trade-in option, or placing them through the consignment process. Our Asset Tracking and Lifecycle Management Solutions cover every eventuality.

  • Trade-in and Exchange
  • Consignment Plans
  • Reverse Logistics Programs
  • Warehousing Programs
  • Recycling Solutions – Designed to reduce a company’s footprint
  • Cash Purchases
  • Managing Equipment from any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

IT Asset Recovery

Minimize Losses

It’s complicated and costly to dispose of old networking and wireless components if they are not disposed of in accordance with regulatory requirements for environmental compliance.

Improper disposal can lead to consequences that far exceed the depreciated value of the assets or the cost of replacing them. You need a partner who is dedicated to ensuring value recovery while protecting your organization from unexpected and costly occurrences.

  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Misallocation of resources
  • Theft of property
  • Consumer fraud

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