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IT Network Hardware

Getting the most out of your IT department and maximizing the ROI on hardware budgets is critical.


IT Network Hardware

 When you spend less on infrastructure you can spend more on projects that drive the business.

Many companies find it difficult to identify alternatives that will enable them to build a better, more innovative-driven infrastructure in a less costly way. They need the right partnerships with IT hardware companies—ones that understand the situation on a holistic and cohesive level and will help them decide: buying new versus buying pre-owned IT network equipment.

Our dedicated account managers and engineers are at your service to assist you with your requirements and ensure our solutions fits your budget and needs.

Reduce Costs

With Pro Network, you get the cost savings you need. Our corporate agreement enables you to save on network hardware, components, and accessories.

Maximize Budget

We assess your business requirements, the overall needs of your operations, and then we leverage our proprietary software, partners, and certified compliance policies—designed so that the equipment meets your needs and budget.

Increase Productivity

With a proactive maintenance agreement that includes replacement equipment and technicians within 50 miles of your company regardless of geographic location, and 7/24/365 support you greatly increase productivity,

Ensure Transparency

Our processes from network equipment purchase to support, ensure transparency in all our interactions with you, engaging with you in such a way that we build trust to forge a long-term profitable relationship.

Leverage Expertise

Our technicians are certified with various brands and our team is composed of professionals who have a broad range of experience in the IT hardware industry, and maintain a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.

Accelerate Delivery

We utilize network of vendors,proprietary inventory management system, and carrier relationships to deliver products with short lead times. We stock popular brands in our warehouse enabling us to provide the fastest response time in the industry.

IT Hardware Services

Are you ready to buy?

Buying hardware is advantageous in that your company fully owns the IT equipment. It means you can take advantage of substantial tax deductions on a large business asset. Also, there are no concerns about premature breakdowns. If it does breakdown, it will be covered.

Should you experience any challenges with setup or other issues, our certified technicians are there to help, to troubleshoot and provide guidance. We nurture our customer relationships to ensure you receive value at every touchpoint.