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Pro Network’s first concern is the safety and well-being of our employees. Our leadership team quickly responded to COVID-19 pandemic by immediately executing our emergency contingency plan before any government recommendations. Majority of our staff is working remotely, and we have limited warehouse personnel to maintain social distancing guidelines. The warehouse is routinely cleansed, and employees are wearing gloves and N95 Masks when handling shipments. Operations has maintained open communications with carriers and suppliers so we can accurately communicate lead times to our clients.
To all the companies, resellers, and data centers that relies on Pro Network US as their preferred partner, we are here to support you with stock, service, and lowest prices in the market. Our staff is on duty to answer any questions you have about IT Network Hardware and Severs. As our CEO Ron Aksoy stated, “Our priorities are to maintain safe working conditions for our employees and to continue to serve our clients”. The true testament to a country’s might is how its people bond together to overcome adversity and obstacles. We are all in this together and together we shall overcome this adversity.
Please continue to follow social distancing guidelines and be safe. Thank you all for being valued customers and keep checking our website and social media posts for new information.
Eli Sabatier
Sales Manager