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Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) switches are the foundation of your networking infrastructure, applicable in processes such as factory automation, intelligent transportation systems, substation automation, mining enterprises, fuel refining and delivery systems, and surveillance and remote-monitoring functions.

Technical Specifications

  • Ethernet interfaces include GE fiber uplinks options and multiple PoE/PoE+ ports.
  • Up to 16 10/100Base-T, or Fast Ethernet, interfaces, and two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
  • Multilayer switching modular platform includes a main module and expansion modules to scale the configuration up to 26 Ethernet interfaces.
  • A series of 19-inch, one-rack unit fixed-configuration switches designed for electrical utility applications.
  • Offers high bandwidth and low latency. Available in various models with up to 20 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
    19-inch, one-rack unit switches with 28 GE interfaces and up to 24 PoE/PoE+ enabled ports.
  • A 19-inch one-rack unit multi-10 Gbps aggregation switch equipped with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports plus 4 10-Gigabit or 4 1-Gigabit ports, making it ideal for the aggregation and/or backbones in large-scale industrial networks.