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Cisco ASR Routers use a processor built for edge-based service delivery. They can be deployed to provide secure WAN aggregation services, integrated threat and defense services at the WAN or Internet edge, data center interconnect (DCI) router, managed customer premises-equipment (CPE) services, or to deliver complex services from the provider edge.

This scalable, carrier-class distributed forwarding router is designed for redundancy, aggregating triple play and Ethernet service traffic from Gigabit Ethernet devices to 10 Gigabit Ethernet IP, MPLS edge, or core.

Technical Specifications

  • Full range of industry-leading Cisco IOS XE Software features and services
  • Optional redundant-processor and dual Cisco IOS XE Software support for single-route-processor solutions to improve network resiliency
  • Hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) for code storage, boot, configuration, logs, and so on
  • USB ports for 1-GB compact flash memory support
  • Built-in embedded flash memory (eUSB or eMMC) support:

~ up to 8 GB on the built-in router processor partitioned: 1 GB for bootflash; 7 GB for mass storage

~ Field-replaceable and hot-swappable capabilities with modular router processors for minimal service disruption
~ Stratum-3 clock circuitry, building integrated timing supply (BITS) input and output
~ Memory scalability up to 64 GB DRAM